More pictures taken at Open Track Day in Sepang

This track day was absolutely thrilling!!  It was an event with over 150 cars and at any one time, there would be more than 40 cars on the track.  There were the tiny Kancils and Starlets, the  ubiquitous Civics, big horsepower Skylines, and even a couple of the really rare NSXs.

This was one unforgettable track day, I remember attacking a corner with 4 other cars going for it abreast!  Super gung ho drivers and superb driving!!!

Friends of DrivenCrazy at Sepang

Warning:  Due to the fantastic photography, we all look like we are driving VERY FAST!

Our latest race car designs

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Our friends Pearl White S2000 getting ready to tear up Sepang International Circuit!


The first EG conversion in Asia!  Done way back in 2004.

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