Toyota Verossa 2JZ Dyno Queen

Here’s 1 of the in-house project cars that is still a Work-In-Progress. It began with the mundane 1G-FE, and now sports a 2JZ-GTE VVTi with a huge turbo. It was featured in the Singapore magazine AFTMKT and makes for an interesting read. You can click on the pictures for the full article.  Read More

Pimping my Evo X SST

This article was contributed by customer, Aiden. When news and pictures of the new Evolution X was out, I was immediately sold. Specifications of the new 4B11, technical info of the twin clutch SST and the sheer looks and presence of the car was enough to make me sell off the Evo 9 and put a deposit down for the Evo X.  As much as I was sad to see my beloved Evo 9 go to the hands... Read More

R35 GTR Reflash

Firstly, I have to apologize for the long hiatus and sporadic updates on the blog.  We have been really busy in the past few months.  Setting up a new shop, moving all the cars, purchasing new equipments, learning how to operate them, “inaugurating” new staff, having a lot more customers fixing their cars too during this period. However, we can haughtily say that the ... Read More

Evo X Air filter kit

If you are looking to do nothing but an air filter kit for your Evo X, the Agency Power air filter kit has to be the answer to your mods. Just a simple 30 minutes job, and voila, 16WHP gains at 5,300rpm!! The dyno graph says it all!  Read More

FD2 Intake Air Ducts

After dyno testing a variety of intakes, we have realized that the K20A in the FD2 actually works very well with an intake with a relatively short pipe.  Something that uses the factory rubber tubing actually works pretty well too.  However, heat soak is always an issue with the filter situated in the engine bay.  We had to combat that head on, or else power gains would be compromised. ... Read More

New track car – Subaru WRX Spec C

This article was contributed by Yak, a close friend and worthy track exponent. The EG K20 is going nowhere. Joel is getting faster and faster. I need to move on. Having tracked RWD, FWD, maybe it is time to find out how 4WD goes. One day, a friend gave me a call and told me about the following trackcar for sale. Excellent!!! A real SPEC C for track! The EGK20 is sold for good... Read More

RG suspension – FD2 type R

As this FD2 is still rather new, not that many companies are making suspension that are tried and tested.  In all honesty, I would rather opt for a European brand suspension which I am familiar with.  But my regular supplier who supplies to some of the European race team still does not have anything available.  I guess an off the shelf part will suffice for now.  Pretty sure... Read More

Toys for my FD2 type R

After the arrival of the FD2 type R, we got all excited and everyday has been an adventure going through our catalogues.  Suddenly we have all become kids in a candy store.  If we have been given a blank sheet on how we can modify the FD2, or what parts we can choose to buy.  I am sure we are going to tick all the boxes that the menu offers.  Pretty much like our weekly Dim... Read More

Arrival of new FD2 type R

finally!  the arrival of our new test mule.  with all the noise going on about the new civic FD2, we couldn’t ignore it further.  is it as good as all the reviews made it out to be?? we always hear that the car is raw, and noisy.  but after collection of the car, it isn’t that bad.  in fact, it is pretty much a good road going car.  soft suspension, etc etc. ... Read More

Dyno for base HP – JDM FD2 Type R

We have recently just acquired a FD2 civic type R to do some testing.  this will be an ongoing project car, with very sensible modifications that will make it comfortable enough for street driving and quick enough for track. Here is a short video clip we made after we got the car for about 4 days?! hope you enjoyed it.  Read More