Walkabout at Clutchmasters facility

As it is with this time every year, I make my annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the SEMA show. Having been to the SEMA show consecutively also means that it gets a little stale as most booths display similar items over the years. They are for the most parts, same as previous years, and some located in the exact same spot. After doing a brisk 2 days walk of the show, I decided... Read More

HKS F-Con V Pro

Just like how ladies find a piece of bargain in a crowded massive sale at Zara, I managed to chance upon a HKS F-Con V Pro in a Malaysian junkyard. Why do i compare it to Zara? Well, usually ladies might not consider it due to its price tag, but since its on sale, why not? I purchased this with the exact same mentality. This particular piece that I held in my hands came off a R33... Read More

New track car – Subaru WRX Spec C

This article was contributed by Yak, a close friend and worthy track exponent. The EG K20 is going nowhere. Joel is getting faster and faster. I need to move on. Having tracked RWD, FWD, maybe it is time to find out how 4WD goes. One day, a friend gave me a call and told me about the following trackcar for sale. Excellent!!! A real SPEC C for track! The EGK20 is sold for good... Read More