Walkabout at Clutchmasters facility

As it is with this time every year, I make my annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the SEMA show. Having been to the SEMA show consecutively also means that it gets a little stale as most booths display similar items over the years. They are for the most parts, same as previous years, and some located in the exact same spot. After doing a brisk 2 days walk of the show, I decided... Read More

HKS F-Con V Pro

Just like how ladies find a piece of bargain in a crowded massive sale at Zara, I managed to chance upon a HKS F-Con V Pro in a Malaysian junkyard. Why do i compare it to Zara? Well, usually ladies might not consider it due to its price tag, but since its on sale, why not? I purchased this with the exact same mentality. This particular piece that I held in my hands came off a R33... Read More

Pimping my Evo X SST

This article was contributed by customer, Aiden. When news and pictures of the new Evolution X was out, I was immediately sold. Specifications of the new 4B11, technical info of the twin clutch SST and the sheer looks and presence of the car was enough to make me sell off the Evo 9 and put a deposit down for the Evo X.  As much as I was sad to see my beloved Evo 9 go to the hands... Read More

Evo X Air filter kit

If you are looking to do nothing but an air filter kit for your Evo X, the Agency Power air filter kit has to be the answer to your mods. Just a simple 30 minutes job, and voila, 16WHP gains at 5,300rpm!! The dyno graph says it all!  Read More

New rare parts arrival!

Now in Stock!! Engines for Mitsubishi Colt Version R  Beam Light for Championship White FD2s Original Honda wheel lock nut.  Very Rare, highly unlikely for someone else to have the same kind.  Type R Keychains Type R stickers  Honda Tshirts Type R Caps NOW… we are becoming Honda boutique… Honda Maketh the Man. The power of dreams…  Read More

More Earl’s oil cooler install pics

The setup that was originally on the car.  3 hot laps in Pasir Gudang sent the Defi oil temp to 118 degrees C.   Comparison between Earl’s 25 row core and the GReddy 13 row core. The Earl’s core has a much higher denser fin pitch and row count even though the overall size remains the same. A larger core was not chosen for packaging reasons and also taking into... Read More

Earl’s Twin Cooler for Lancer Evolution

This article was contributed by Dennis; Ex-Evo owner and DIY Maestro.  Turbocharged cars are notorious for their ability to overheat while being pushed hard, so much so that many of the high performance turbocharged production cars come from the factory with some form of heat management for engine oil – some do it via a water-to-oil cooler as per Subaru and others with a air-to-oil... Read More