Abnormal Cam Wear

Here are a couple of pictures to show what abnormal and unacceptable cam wear looks like.   A close up shot for the lobe that is most worn.  You can see it at the bottom-most lobe in the picture. The VTEC lobe looks fine, however the regular primary lobe shows signs of wear.  Upon measurement, it looks like about 0.8 mm of material has been worn off.  For the rest of the lobes... Read More

Once in a BLUE ZOOM

An article lifted off the Oct 2010 issue of local Torque Magazine about a car we built.      Read More


Just got a customer that sent in his ECU to get Hondata KPro-ed. Guess what I got from the courier company.  It was an original Mugen ECU. I remembered back in the early days of DC5 modifications, this was a highly sought after part and many owners raved about its performance.  With the advent of the Hondata KPro, it essentially killed most of the sales of this ECU.  With the... Read More

Tuning in Perth, WA

Recently, I had the honour of being invited to Perth to get a bunch of cars tuned.  There were some modified Civic FN2s, and also an Integra DC2.  All modified and needing a tune to maximize the potential of these venerable Honda engines. It was also a good time for me to take a break from work after many a frantic month since the start of the year. Instead of boring you with... Read More

CT Engineering Supercharged FD2

CT Engineering has been selling supercharger kits for Acuras/Hondas for a long time.  However, they did not have a complete kit for the JDM FD2 Type R. We got them to send us all the parts that they had to fit on to all the different models of the Acura/Honda K series engines.  Items like pulleys, tensioners, belts, for K20, for K24, etc.  So we had all the parts, be it from... Read More

Multi-Colored Vermicelli

This article was contributed by CL7 customer, Dorian.  We were both aghast when I removed the panels to uncover a bunch of unsightly wires leading to the ECU. In the olden days when each kampong had only one Television, experience and information shared was very limited. Almost everyone in the kampong knew each other and most certainly anything that happens, everyone will know... Read More

K20A Shelf Pistons Comparison

Wiseco recently released a shelf piston in 12.4:1 Compression Ratio for the K20A motors.  This was previously sorely lacking in their 2008 and 2009 catalogs.  A high compression piston for K20A motor was almost solely dominated by CP Pistons as they were very early adopters in this category. I have always been a fan of Wiseco Pistons as I find them to be consistently superior... Read More

Tuning session in Brunei

My job was to get my ass there and tune as many cars as possible in 1 Saturday.Prior to that, we had already organized all the cars, and made sure that the cars were all in tip top condition and ready for a tune.  It would be pointless to have to go there only to do troubleshooting which is time consuming and counter-productive. I got there on a Friday night, and was promptly picked... Read More

FlashPro Tuning in Hong Kong

It has been very busy for the past few months.  Been testing many new products and R&D-ing some of my own.  Also been visiting some other countries to get customer’s cars setup and tuned. Here’s an article from a Hong Kong car tuning magazine that covered my whole tuning event with the great guys at GP Motors. Hope you understood what was written in there, I... Read More

K series Manifold Testing

Thanks to www.k20a.org member pb16b for taking time and money to do the testing.  Actually saving us a lot of “grief” from having to find out the results ourselves. Full story available here.  Read More