From where we left off from the last post, non important things tend to crowd themselves into our lives.  Modding car after car, tuning projects after projects, the exhaust gases do get to my brain sometimes.  Most owners are very concerned about the horsepower they achieve, no one really bothers about the Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons and Nitrous Oxides I might be ingesting. ... Read More


Now you are 35, in your mid life, thinning hair, growing beer belly wondering about the meaning of life.  You managed to console yourself till a supercar zooms pasts you and you remember your last account balance.  NAH… a supercar would not be possible. Your thoughts retreating back to the bills that you have to pay. How can we then fulfill our childhood dreams?  To be... Read More

Turbo: USA vs China

From a customer who loves Ebay and purchasing and selling on Ebay.  He bought a cheap turbo, and shared his experience with us on this blog. My turbo is due for a replacement and I am broke. It is spitting oil from every possible orifice. What do I do? These were my options: Made in China GT28 Made in USA GT28 They both looked the same and rated at 400bhp.  The only difference? ... Read More

Clogged fuel injectors

We sell fuel injectors, A LOT of fuel injectors. Denso, RC Engineering, Injector Dynamics, Bosch, Pico, Siemens, you name them, and we probably sell them in all their available sizes and flow rates. So, what are fuel injectors? Its a nozzle like device which sprays fuel out in a fine spray or mist so that it atomizes well with the intake air. Fuel injectors have advanced a lot... Read More


Interesting article in today’s papers. and an uncanny resemblance to the featured car here… I think this car has just gotten a lot more famous.  Read More

FREE F1 tickets from DBS!

Yoohoo!!  I just got a pair of FREE F1 tickets for the 26 September, Singapore F1 Night Race. I remembered reading in the papers about DBS giving some free F1 tickets in the papers about a month ago and briefly glance through it.  Brushing away any thoughts that I might be one of the lucky 3000 bank account holders to be picked in the draw, having never been lucky at any of... Read More

B as in Bravo and… B as in Bentley!

Last week, our friend Jon from KL was on a trip down to Singapore and took 1 of his nice cars down.  This time, it was a newly acquired Bentley Continental Flying Spur.  Massive, commanding and impressive piece of British engineering… almost bordering on cumbersome though. I definitely needed to get a ride in it, in fact, the moment when Jon came by my office to pick me... Read More

New Parts Updates

Suzuki Swift Sports Custom Pistons and Rods Custom made Low Compression Wiseco Pistons   Custom Crower Rods.  The stock rod is on the left.  A simple visual inspection shows how much beefier the Crower rods are. ASR Subframe Brace Beef up your rear subframe with the ASR subframe brace.  The EGs/EKs/DCs are prone to breakage whenever a larger rear swaybar is installed.  Stocks... Read More

Brand New Mainline Roller Dyno

We have acquired a brand new dyno machine.  It is a MainLine Dyno and is a retarder type.  It is very similar to the Dyno Dynamics and has a lot of nice features that I never knew existed on a dyno before. As we have known all along, the dyno is an indispensable tool to proper, precise tuning.  The addition of this instrument is an invaluable asset to the workshop.  Some of... Read More

Wiseco Pistons new stock arrival

Now available, full range of Wiseco pistons that suits most of the Sport Compact engines.  One of the best forged pistons available in the market, and definitely a necessary power upgrade for high horsepower gains. All pistons have skirts coated for reduced friction and better heat management. We stock custom pistons for newer cars like the Mitsubishi Colt 4G15T, to the older Toyota... Read More