Walkabout at Clutchmasters facility

As it is with this time every year, I make my annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the SEMA show. Having been to the SEMA show consecutively also means that it gets a little stale as most booths display similar items over the years. They are for the most parts, same as previous years, and some located in the exact same spot. After doing a brisk 2 days walk of the show, I decided... Read More

Toyota Verossa 2JZ Dyno Queen

Here’s 1 of the in-house project cars that is still a Work-In-Progress. It began with the mundane 1G-FE, and now sports a 2JZ-GTE VVTi with a huge turbo. It was featured in the Singapore magazine AFTMKT and makes for an interesting read. You can click on the pictures for the full article.  Read More


Equestrian for Motorsports The tranquil environment at the Punggol Marina Country Club was rudely interrupted, as the screaming roar of engines and blurring speed of participants’ machines ripped through the large open space car park, much to the awe and amusement of spectators and on-lookers. Passerbys and participants were treated to a spectacular sight of performance vehicles,... Read More


The Land Of The Free… in Left Hand Drive A trip to the “Star Spangled Banner”, known as the United States of America is often a rich and telling experience that most of us will never forget. Although almost 20 hours away from us and lying across the other side of the planet, the United States is definitely not an exception when it boils down to our common passion for automobiles.... Read More


Custom Tuning. That’s exactly it. CUSTOM to suit each different customer’s tastes (not necessarily the engine). It is common to get requests like Can you make my engine sound lumpy? No, I cannot. The sound you are referring to is probably a lumpy exhaust note of a car with big cams. Possible to make when I change gear got the psst psst sound? No, I cannot. Your Honda... Read More

Dismembering the Mil-spec Connector

I had a customer ordered a Rywire Mil-spec engine wire harness for his EK9 a few months ago. This piece of beauty cost about US$1200 or more with all the options it was specified for. After delivery on this harness, and trying to figure out how he wants to place the engine harness through the firewall. Customer decided that he needs to shorten it so that it will work better, and... Read More

Driving cars with dangerously high decibel

For those of us who race occasionally, we are only all too familiar with this scenario. - A long road trip to the track - Driving solo in your track prepped car - In many cases the car would probably not have any audio equipment - Even if you do, you might not even be able to hear it above the exhaust drone - A 3 hour lonesome drive, all in the name of motorsports. In my 92 Honda... Read More

Tuning trip in Australia

Quite some time back, I got the honor to be invited to Australia to get a bunch of cars tuned. I had customers from Perth and Sydney who sorely needed their Hondas tuned.  According to them, it seemed like there was a lack of good tuners there for the modified Honda scene.  Personally I find that quite surprising.  I know for a fact that there are a bunch of damn good tuners... Read More

Various stages of Mods for FD2 AUTOMATIC

A friend came back from Abu Dhabi and lamented at how expensive cars were in Singapore. He refused to succumb to the temptation of driving and have resorted to using our world class transport daily. Now on a normal day, that would not have been a problem. However, as we all know world class transport do have their bad hair days too. “I was driving an Audi TT for the equivalent... Read More

Tuning the Ariel Atom

Sorry guys…. I know I know… It has been months since my last update. Please forgive me as my schedule is sometimes too much for me to handle…  The blog has definitely suffered as a result. SO, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN to read more of the articles.. I am going to be posting fast and furious this week to catch up on lost time. Here is an article about the Ariel Atom I... Read More