Custom Jenvey ITBs

Look what we got here.

Custom Jenvey ITB with large bore single bodies and custom dimensions Carbon Fiber air horns!

This was custom made for the Honda Civic Type R FD2.  Designed to fit under the hood and have the large bore diameter single bodies.  This will be what you need to make more over 300whp on the mainline dyno with our local Singapore pump gas.

Jenvey has been at the forefront of the game for a long time.  Suppliers to most BTCC cars and having access to a myraid of sizes and dyno information, they are the best ITBs out there.  I have not come across any others that has been easier to set up for idle, smooth and non sticking throttle traits, good throttle modulation throughout, etc…

There has been a kit designed for the FD2 all along, but that only came with a 48mm butterfly size in a tapered body.  Opening at 51mm, and exiting at 45mm.  Perfect for a 2 litre motor, but perhaps somewhat lacking for a 2.6L fire breathing monster that requires all the induction it can ingest.   This custom made example has the butterfly sized at 56mm and tapers from 60mm to 52mm for higher velocity.  Port matched from factory so you will not have to do any extra work.  The best part?  Custom made bling bling carbon fibre air horns.

Here are some more pictures

AEM Oil cap as measurement tool 56mm diameter

Drops right into the large bodies!

Would not even fit into the usual FD2 kit bodies!

Useful Lid for a Teapot?

If your old ITBs are not up to spec, you know who to call. (:

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