VQ35 ECU Tuning!

As most of you guys know, I am venturing into more and more tuning equipment.  Just recently, I acquired the UpRev tuning solution with a whole host of solutions for the 350Zs and various other Nissan Makes.

Here are just some dyno charts of some cars that I did.

2003 VQ35DE with HKS Supercharger kit.  Boosting at 0.45 bar with HKS supplied pulley, extractors and free flowing exhaust.

Blue line – Previously tuned UpRev map when engine was still NA.

Red line – UpRev tuned with the new supercharger setup with bigger NISMO injectors.  Car drives super smooth.  Plenty of power on tap!!  Kick out the clutch and drift it whenever you want!

2007 350Z Spyder Automatic with catalytic converter removed, free flowing exhaust and K&N Drop in filters.  Reflashed with UpRev.

Blue line – Stock ECU which we did 3 runs till the power stablized before flashing it.

Red line – UpRev tuned.  I was rather surprised at the gains that we had improved over stock!

Note:  All dyno results done on the Mainline dyno will probably read about 20whp higher on a DynoJet and perhaps even more on some other less heartbreaking dyno.

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