R35 GTR Reflash

Firstly, I have to apologize for the long hiatus and sporadic updates on the blog.  We have been really busy in the past few months.  Setting up a new shop, moving all the cars, purchasing new equipments, learning how to operate them, “inaugurating” new staff, having a lot more customers fixing their cars too during this period.

However, we can haughtily say that the  strenuous and wearisome activities are over for now!  Definitely well worth it!!  We now have a shop space of over 10,000 sq ft to fix the cars and also a nice showroom and lounge area for dedicated customer’s relaxation.  Keep a lookout for a peek of the shop in 1 of the upcoming post.

Anyway, we have been playing around with a R35 GTR lately and found out its relatively easy to make power with its VR38DETT powerplant.  Even the ECU has already been cracked and we are able to tune it!!

Here is a picture of the stock ECU

The inside of it

We did all our testing on a complete stock car.  It had the factory air filter, factory exhaust, catalytic converters, etc.

The stock  horsepower is shown as in the GREEN line.  That was the base run we did with the car and we got just shy of 400whp.  Very accurate and in line with Nissan’s claim of 480bhp.  This dyno is a Mainline Dyno and reads a little lower than the Dynapack that we are used to seeing.  This same dyno was also used in the Australian Auto Salon, check out this link.

The middle BLUE line depicts the horsepower right after the reflash.  Nothing else was done to the car.  Basically as with most turbo cars, horsepower is easily gained with putting up a higher boost number.  We tweaked the boost response, DBW throttle response, variable cam timing, remove speed limiter, upped the rev limiter and a few other settings.  We managed to gain a huge amount of torque and got a fatter mid range.

The final and topmost RED line was after we did a few other basic things to the car.  Air filter kits, test Pipes, free flowing exhaust system.  We got a BIG spike in power everywhere.  Even the power curve after 5,000 rpm is slightly altered.  This engine definitely has a lot of potential, it will not be long before we see some R35s cross the 1,000bhp mark!

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