Toys for my FD2 type R

After the arrival of the FD2 type R, we got all excited and everyday has been an adventure going through our catalogues.  Suddenly we have all become kids in a candy store.  If we have been given a blank sheet on how we can modify the FD2, or what parts we can choose to buy.  I am sure we are going to tick all the boxes that the menu offers.  Pretty much like our weekly Dim Sum session at Asia Grand.  Prawn dumplings, Peking Ducks, Zhar Leong!

Anyway, since we were going through the available catalogues, we just thought we’d order whatever Cusco had to offer for handling.  Basically, whatever additional braces that were available were ordered.  I have to say that I am really glad with our Japanese supplier who delivered them in a timely order.  I guess it is always good to have your supplier’s dabbling in the same car as you!

The goods

Please do not ask me which bar is for what part of the car, i have not figured them all out yet.

One bar that i managed to figure out (and fitted) for sure!

Oh, and you might realize that there is a K&N air filter kit fitted.  That was fitted in a bid to test how the short ram vs cold air intake will work with this engine.  We also had a temperature sensor fitted within the heat shield to log temperatures on hot day, cooler temperatures, and when the car was on the move with a proper cool air scoop routed to the filter.  This damn filter is loud!  Really screams when VTEC kicks in, and the car pulls hard.  I will try to get a video of this so you can hear the aural pleasures for yourself.

We also had some bucket seats that came in.

New batch from Bride.  Very updated FIA production label.

Removal of Steering wheel airbag.  Lightweight is important!  Or perhaps, life is less important.

MOMO Champion, my favourite aftermarket wheel.  Lots of red stitches, just like the type R wheel.

And a little Honda Access Type R Phone sling for the purist in me.

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