Custom Tuning.

That’s exactly it. CUSTOM to suit each different customer’s tastes (not necessarily the engine).

It is common to get requests like

Can you make my engine sound lumpy?
No, I cannot. The sound you are referring to is probably a lumpy exhaust note of a car with big cams.

Possible to make when I change gear got the psst psst sound?
No, I cannot. Your Honda is not turbocharge right now. You will either need a Blow Off Valve or some electronic Blow Off Valve.

Why hor, my car when idling makes a lot of ticking sound? Can you tune it out?
Maybe your forged pistons are a little loose? Or your direct injection is the cause of it? Or your tappet clearance is out of spec? Erm… NO, I cannot tune that out too.

I watch on youtube, those cars, after tuning always have a lot fire. Can do ka?
Yes, I can do that. But will not be responsible if you burn your bumper.

Here, leaving you with a video of a FD2 Type R I tuned recently. Video courtesy of the owner.

Send me more of the funny requests… and will try to see how I can accede to them with a few strokes of the keyboard.

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